2. About


I was born in Brazil and grew up few years there, near Rio de Janeiro.

My mother and father met there, they were both from different culture and had their own lifestyle, though I was raised with an open mind (or at least I think so..).


As my father is a frenchie, we came to live in Bordeaux, wine city.

This is where I studied Web, Comunication, Design , and finally, (as I still wanted to spend a little more time at University) entrepreneurship!

I also met my partner, , a marvelous web and mobile developer who brings me breakfast to bed every weekend (yes yes, EVERY weedend!).

With my 2 Master degrees under my belt and my partner, we decided we wanted to travel around.

Destiny brought us to La Coruña, SPAIN. We work together in Web for a Mexican company.

As time went by, we started to be concerned about life, and decided to start a family! We adopted 2 spiffing cats, a black one and a white one (for diversity).

We also started to work as freelance and our new goal is to create our own web company very soon!